My Favorite Podcasts (and why you should be listening)


If you’re not onboard the podcast train, well, you need to hop on because it’s freaking amazing. I have learned SO much from podcasts. Think of podcasts as if a talk show and a radio show plus a magazine all got together and had a baby. And it’s about whatever topic you want! There are podcasts about health, fitness, running, parenting, organization, travel, pets, food, cooking, relationships, sex, religion, politics, world news, fantasy stories, fiction stories, literature, movies, tv shows, sports, hunting. If there is a topic you can think of, there is a podcast for you to listen to.

I personally love podcasts because it gives me something interesting to do when I’m driving to and from my jobs, when I’m running, when I’m cleaning the house, and when I’m walking Meeka. My favorites are a good mixture of humor, knowledge (I always want to learn something from it), and interesting topics.

My favorite podcasts (in no specific order)

#1 The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin wrote one of my favorite “self-help” books ever: The Happiness Project and she now does this podcast every week with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. They talk about all sorts of “happiness hacks” and useful life tips. I have learned a lot about my personality, building habits, and strategies for a happier life.

#2 Stuff You Should Know

I am obsessed with these guys. Chuck and Josh are absolutely hilarious to listen to and I always learn really cool (albeit odd and potentially useless) facts from them. They cover such a wide variety of topics, but the coolest thing is that I find every single show interesting, regardless of the topic. For example, there was recently a show about steam technology that I almost skipped because I thought no way would I think that was interesting. Well, I decided to listen anyway, and what do ya know! I learned all about steam and using steam for energy and I thought the whole thing was rather interesting!

#3 The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

This podcast can be pretty overwhelming, a bit intense, and a whole lot of geeky, but I love it. Ben Greenfield is a fitness and bio-hacking fanatic that delves way way wayyyy deep into health and fitness topics. Some common themes include supplementation, protein amounts, types of amino acids, DNA testing, thermogenesis, ways to train, etc. I find it fascinating, although I will never lead that type of crazy bio-hacking lifestyle.

#4 The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

I have to admit, this is a new love for me, and it used to be a hate. When Lauryn Everyts, creator of an amazing blog called The Skinny Confidential, initially came out with a podcast with her fiancee, I was stoked…until I listened. Their first few episodes were a bit boring, didn’t have a focus, and left me a bit like umm ?? BUT, they have since joined a podcast group (company?) and it’s really witty and fun to listen to now. Lauryn’s voice is a touch annoying, but I just really love her so I can push past that. They talk about their healthy yet sexy life and lots of random stories/tips.

#5 The Zero to Travel Podcast

I have been insane on the topic of longterm travel and the travel lifestyle recently. I am currently in the initial planning stages of taking a solo backpacking trip in Europe next year, and I can’t help but be riveted by this podcast. I have a new dream guys and it involves living out of a backpack 🙂

I hope you find some interesting podcasts to listen to so that you can better your brain while driving your car or walking your dog!



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