It’s so hard to describe yourself, isn’t it? Can someone else write this for me? No? Well ok.


I’m a midwest girl, born and raised in small town, Indiana. I have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Indiana University in Indianapolis. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, a ridiculously hardworking and generous man. We have a little fur child named Meeka. I have no shame in my complete obsession with this little six pound yorki-poo.

We now live in Washington state, right on the border of Oregon and Washington, so we are frequently galavanting around Portland, Oregon. The PNW (Pacific Northwest) is a magical place!

I work as a nurse in a big research hospital on a specialty cardiac unit. I also teach Barre3 which has grown into a huge part of my life, one that I cherish dearly!

My hobbies include eating, going out to eat, cooking, trying new restaurants (do you sense a trend?). I also love beer tasting and wine tasting (again with the trend..). Traveling is a huge part of my life and I hope to grow that hobby even further in the upcoming year! I love fitness and health, especially barre. I am a complete nerd, meaning that I read an average of 5+ books a month and watch documentaries for fun. I listen to podcasts while I’m driving and basically just love knowledge. About anything. Walking my dog is a hobby that I take seriously, we both greatly enjoy it. I have always loved writing, it’s a wonderful outlet for me. Shopping. SHOPPING. For home goods, clothes, shoes, makeup, dog toys, doesn’t matter. I’m all about it. Speaking of makeup… LOVE. I love experimenting with makeup, doing other people’s makeup, doing my own makeup, watching makeup videos.

What else? I’m loud and love a good debate, however, I’d label myself as a hardcore introvert. An outgoing introvert, but definitely an introvert. I’m Type A all the way, and really love a good 3 hour long organizing and cleaning session. I’m super into fashion and style, but you might not realize it because 90% of my life is spent in workout clothes or scrubs.

Let’s be friends.