Favorite Books I read in 2017

This is not a “favorite books published in 2017″ post, but rather, “favorite books that I happened to read in 2017″ post.

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I have to get the most cheesy book out of the way first. 


I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë for the first time in 2017. It blew me away to say the least. It is now in the Top 3 best books I have ever read in my life and could possibly even be #1. It’s hard to describe a book when you Love it (capital L style). I am now obsessed with the history of the Brontë sisters and own one Jane Eyre themed shirt.

 The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


Absolutely another favorite book ever that I discovered in 2017. This book was all the things that I love in a novel. It’s historical fiction set during WWII in France, it has very strong and dynamic female protagonists, it is rich with details I had no idea about regarding the war in France, it’s heart wrenching in a beautiful way, and it made me cry ugly tears when I finished it. Highly recommend for anyone who loves historical fiction. I read a few more books in 2017 by Kristin Hannah and while I thoroughly enjoyed them, this one takes the cake.

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover


I probably would not have found Colleen Hoover as a favorite author if it wasn’t for the “What Should I Read Next Podcast”. Ann recommended it on a show and I thought it sounded like an interesting but fun easy read. I adored this book. It covers a serious topic, domestic abuse, while still managing to be fun and entertaining. I read a total of 9 Colleen Hoover books in 2017 and while they sometimes veer into tacky romance territory, I thoroughly enjoy them.

The Likeness by Tana French


Another author that stole the show for me in 2017, Tana French. I read all of her books and loved every single one. They have some common characters and references to other books in them, but you could definitely read any of them as a stand alone book. “The Likeness” was my favorite, and the first one of hers that I read, but I do wish I started with “In the Woods”. If dramatic psychological thrillers and police dramas intrigue you and you think this book could be up your alley, I would start with “In the Woods” and then read this one. “In the Woods” is lower on the list as far as favorite French novels go, but it will make “The Likeness” that much better. Describing the plot of this one makes it sound very unbelievable dramatic, so I won’t try it, but it somehow doesn’t end up coming off that way. I cannot wait for a new Tana French book release.

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom


This book ripped my heart right out. The story telling is phenomenal, the history is rich, the characters are strong, and the suspense is the exact amount of “what the hell is happening” mixed with “I’m staying up until 2am to finish this”. This is a book I feel confident recommending to those literary types that need award winning writing, but also to types that just love a suspenseful well told story.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah


Current host of “The Daly Show”, Trevor Noah tells hilarious and thoughtful stories about growing up in South Africa during apartheid and later the liberation. I learned so much from this book about what life in South Africa was like during this tremulous time. I quickly felt very naive for not knowing anything about it, but I’m so glad I read this book. Noah has an incredible knack for tugging at the heart strings in the same sentence that makes you laugh out loud. Definitely my favorite and most entertaining nonfiction read of 2017.

Please comment below with your favorite reads of 2017! I would LOVE to read them! 



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